• We offer the very best facilities for crankshaft grinding  including crack testing, straightening, seal tracks and journal  rebuilding.
  • Valve seat refacing and inserting, valve guide resizing/replacing lead-free conversions.
  • Head and block milling or grinding to manufacturers' specifications.
  • Pressure testing water jackets to both cylinder heads and cylinder blocks.
  • Our reboring service  also provides liner changing and recess cutting.
  • In-line boring of bearing housings in various worn components.
  • We can supply all your gaskets head bolts and other ancilliary components.
  • We can also arrange collection and delivery services when required.


Bore Setting at outh Wales Pistons

Engine Reconditioning

head-skimming at South Wales Pistions

We have the specialist equipment to rebore and hone cylinder blocks, regrind crankshafts, check and resize connecting rods, recondition cylinder heads and much much more.

We supply many quality parts including pistons, rings, bearings, gaskets, water pumps, timing kits to re-assemble your engine back together.

Our experienced engineers and technicians are always on hand for advice regarding any engine - just ask!

South Wales Piston Services Limited

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